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Computer Solutions for your Business

Whether you have a small or medium sized business, we can assess your computer and networking needs and offer cost effective solutions tailored to your requirements.  This will include business automation, hardware and software purchasing, implementation, quality assurance and staff training.

One of the most common problems with any business is loss of data and system down time.  We can help you avoid both!  We emphasize data security/backup and recovery procedures.

We will design a computing environment at the best possible prices, meeting your current requirements but also planning for future growth.

If your business is already established you may have a computer system in place.  What about a contingency plan?  We can put together a practical contingency plan which will allow you to run your business at an alternate location with as little interruption as possible.

We can evaluate your current hardware and software, and make realistic recommendations to increase productivity and reliability.  Call us to make an appointment for your FREE evaluation!

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Computer Solutions for your Home / Home Office

Both your home office and home can benefit from our services.  We can setup a fully functional home office starting with system planning, purchasing PCs, printers and other equipment to fit your business requirements. 

We offer a variety of networking solutions (hard-wired and wireless) to accommodate your business and personal needs.  We will look for a cost effective solution that will fit your budget.

Check out the "Networking Solutions - Wired and Wireless" section on this page for more information. 

We offer data backup and recovery services to ensure that your vital business or personal information can be quickly restored.

Taking care of your system yourself - no problem!  We can evaluate your computing environment, and make additional professional recommendations.

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Networking Solutions - Wired and Wireless

We offer a variety of networking solutions to enable communication between multiple computers and devices.  This will allow you to share files, software, printers and other resources.

A properly planned network can increase productivity, save money when implemented correctly, and eliminate the need to purchase duplicate software or hardware.

With our Wireless solutions, you can create a flexible workplace to suit your work habits in your home office, or simply enjoy surfing the Internet (Internet connection required) for pleasure without being restricted to a desk.

Another money saving advantage is the ability to share one Internet connection among multiple computers.

Once set-up is complete, we offer 'Cover-to-Cover' support via short or long-term contracts or per diem service.

As always, we will look for the best solution to fit your needs and your budget.

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Hardware and Software Installations

Whether starting a new business or looking to improve your existing business, we can help.  Upon meeting with you we will evaluate your requirements and suggest the most cost effective solution that fits your needs and budget.

From start-to-finish, we can purchase hardware and software, implement your new system, and offer training to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

We also offer flexible maintenance agreements to keep your systems running smoothly!

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Upgrades and Maintenance for Existing Systems

Already have an existing system in place?

Thinking about upgrading or expanding, but don't know where to begin?

We will be glad to inspect your existing computer system or network, and recommend a cost effective solution that fits your needs.

Again, all evaluations and estimates are FREE!

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Maintenance Contracts

Once we setup your business or home office, the best thing to keep things running smoothly is a maintenance agreement with N&D Solutions Inc.

We offer flexible maintenance agreements with the coverage and terms tailored to your business needs, budget and comfort level.

Not sure what to choose?  Test drive our services at a reasonable per diem cost to help you make your decision.

Whatever you choose, we promise you will not be disappointed!

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One thing is for sure; computers are great tools, but like anything else, they will break down eventually.

We do not repair systems by a trial and error method.  Our strong troubleshooting skills allow us to pinpoint exactly where the problem is, and repair/replace only what's needed.

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We provide full-time consulting services for both short and long-term projects.  Our rates are very competitive, and we offer the best possible service available in the Technology Industry.  Give us a call for more information.

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Free Estimates

System evaluations and estimates are always FREE!

For information, please call (516) 293-0124.

You'll be glad you did!

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Computer & Accessories Reseller

N&D Solutions is a computer and accessories reseller. We can recommend the best solution for your needs and budget.  From the ordering process to unpacking and setting up the system, we take care of it all!

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